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No single battery size, type, or chemistry can provide a "one-size-fits-all" power solution for every situation, which is why Anton/Bauer offers a variety of cell chemistries, including NiMH and Li-Ion. Anton/Bauer Digital and Logic Series Batteries can be mixed and matched on our Performance and InterActive Chargers to provide you with a universal battery system to meet your particular shooting needs.

Latest Cell Technology - Anton/Bauer has established relationships with the largest and most prestigious cell manufacturers in the world. These collaborative relationships ensure that our batteries incorporate the latest cell technology for maximum battery performance.

Integral Digital Features - Allows batteries to communicate data to all Anton/Bauer Chargers and select a charge routine specifically designed for that battery's cell chemistry. This communication system maximizes the
reliability, performance, safety and service life of the battery.

Fuel Computer - Each Digital and Logic Series Battery incorporates a fuel computer that automatically calculates battery capacity and remaining run-time data simultaneously. The fuel computer also learns the battery's capacity over time, thus maximizing the accuracy of the battery capacity and run-time calculations over the entire life of the battery.

Integrated Display - Our Digital Series Battery Display conveniently reports run-time in hours and minutes when attached to a device. The Display automatically changes to show battery charge as a percentage of full when not attached to a device or when no load is placed on the battery.

Simple and easy to understand, the RealTime display indicates both a fuel gauge and remaining run-time data simultaneously; no set up is required.

Whether using the RealTime or Digital Battery Series display both easily and effectively answers the age old question of, "How long will my battery run?" making battery change decisions quick and easy.

Durable IMPAC® Case - All Anton/Bauer batteries employ an IMPAC Case made from high-impact polymer, the same material used in motorcycle helmets.