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Gold Mount

Gold Mount Bracket

Pioneered by Anton/Bauer in 1978, the Gold Mount has set the stage for battery communication and future technology by providing a fully integrated battery system for broadcast, professional video, and digital cinema. Employing three solid mechanical connections and self-cleaning, gold-plated communication pins, the Gold Mount locks into place to provide uninterrupted power to your camera or accessory. This interchangeable battery system allows you to choose any battery chemistry suitable for your application and use new cell chemistries as they are developed. That means an Anton/Bauer battery introduced today will perform seamlessly on a current charging system designed more than 15 years ago, with only a simple firmware upgrade.

Providing power requirements ranging from 7.2V to 28V, the Anton/Bauer Gold Mount System is the most widely used battery mounting system by professionals in the industry. It is available as factory standard equipment on many cameras from manufacturers such as ARR I, Thomson, Hitachi, Ikegami, JVC and Panasonic.

PowerTap® Receptacle - This original Anton/Bauer feature allows a camera mounted Ultralight, wireless receiver, hard drive or other 14V accessories to be powered from the camera battery. The PowerTap is internally fused for safety.

Automatique® - A special power circuit in all Sony, JVC and Panasonic Gold Mounts and available for other cameras, allows an Ultralight to turn on/off automatically with the record button. This feature minimizes battery drain from a light that is left on unnecessarily.

InterActive Viewfinder "Fuel Gauge" - The Gold Mount includes a special InterActive contact that transmits the patented fuel computer signal from a DIGITAL battery to the camera's viewfinder so you know how much battery time is remaining.

Future Compatibility - The Gold Mount is fully compatible with the many different sizes and shapes of new cell technologies under development. The Gold Mount will also allow old and new technology batteries to be used together interchangeably to avoid the inevitable, sudden and costly transition to a new battery format.

Universal Application - Gold Mount brackets can be easily installed on all portable equipment including monitors, scopes, microwave equipment, hard drives, etc. This versatility eliminates the problems of having different and incompatible batteries/chargers in the field. Companies including AJA, Cinedeck, Telecast Fiber Systems-A Belden Brand, Optech Inc., Sennheiser, Convergent Design and Lectrosonics have incorporated the Gold Mount System on some of their products. 

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